Embark on a Fragrance Journey with us.  Our Fragrance Journey begins on Alameda Island, California.  Yes, there is a tiny island in the San Francisco Bay known as Alameda.  Tropical fragrant breezes are everywhere.  The waft of fragrant blooms of Sampaguita and mimosa mingle with the light ocean mist creating a beautiful fragrant tropical heaven.  You are in a tropical enviornment.  The average yearly temperature is 71 degrees.  Walking along the beach at South Shore will mesmerize you as you inhale the fragrant blossoms.  Water is all around Alameda Island everywhere, tropical breezes fill the air.  However, we must depart our beautiful Alameda Island and continue  with our Fragrance Journey.

Fragrance Journey

Our next stop on our Fragrance Journey is the beautiful Pacific Island of Mo'orea.  As one steps off the airplane the scent of plumeria blossoms fill the air.  I am greeted by a kind hostess at the airport and given a lei, or flower necklace made of the most beautiful plumeria and orchid blossoms.  I can't help but think of how lovely a fragrance this would make as a perfume.  There on Mo'orea a method of enfleurage is used to extract the fragranct oils from flowers.  This is accomplished by soaking blossoms in coconut oil.

Let's take a long flight to none other than Berlin, Germany.  I remember the days that I lived in Berlin, Germany as a student.  This is where my interest in perfumery began. I stumbled upon a local perfumery and was introduced to the art of perfumery.  I did get a chance to travel to Paris, France and further sharpen my skills in the perfume trade.  Champs Elysee was the most interesting.  This world renowned street is lined with boutiques and perfume shops.  

Time to head on back to the airport and embark on our final destination on our Fragrance Journey.  It's none other than New Orleans.  Mardi Gras, yes!  The aroma of pralines, sea mist and vanilla mingled with vetiver fill the air.  I can't help but wonder what a beautiful perfume these scents would make.  It's time to settle down and open my own perfume shop, FRAGRANCES OF POLYNESIA New Orleans.