Mo'orea Eau de Parfum | Mo'orea in New Orleans, LA


Eau de Parfum

You will have memories of the perfect summer on the beautiful Polynesian island of Mo'orea. This delectable women's fragrance of Mo'orea in New Orleans, LA, will make your mouth water with its sweet aroma. Mo'orea Eau de Parfum by FRAGRANCES OF POLYNESIA is a fresh, clean blend of fruity tangerines, oranges, peaches, watermelons, white orchids, and yellow orchids with a top note of strawberry. Notes of Mango and Papaya mingle with a clean open base note accord that leaves your skin sea kissed. Available in a 3.4-ounce crystal bottle with a Hollywood style atomizer and gold atomizer pump.



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Thelma explains, "I wanted to create a perfume that is fun, flirty and fruity, and that reminds me of days when I lived on Alameda Island. This led me to explore my favorite fruity scents, and I created this beautiful fragrance."


Polynesian Islands | Mo'orea in New Orleans, LA

Mo'orea in New Orleans, LA